Qi-tronic A1

A device for the demanding acupuncturist.

  • for point search
  • for point stimulation
  • for anesthesia
  • for meridian therapy

The Qi-tronic A1 was developed and tested with a well-known acupuncturist.

  • 4 outputs
  • low energy consumption
  • Battery operation, independent of the mains
  • economical thanks to modern electronics

Stimulation can be modulated in three ways

a) by constant frequency
b) by frequency - pause - frequency operation
c) by operation with changing frequencies that switch automatically during operation.

The device is therefore particularly suitable for the treatment of chronic pain and therapy blockages.

We deliver the A1 completely

The A1 is a professional device. The large frequency range and the different types of modulation open up a wide range of therapy options.
Very good results have been e.g. achieved in the combination of classic acupuncture with pricked needles and electro acupuncture with Qi-tronic. For this purpose, needle clamp cables are included in the scope of delivery.
Of course, the A1 is also suitable for private use. However, an understanding of the matter is required.

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