Qi-tronic V1

Electronic point search and stimulation device for acupuncture.

The Qi-tronic V1 is an electro-acupuncture device that works according to Dr. Voll.

  • The diagnosis is made by measuring the energy values ​​at the acupuncture points.
  • The acupuncture points are additionally indicated by an acoustic signal.
  • Precise point electrode with spring contact
  • Functional control through electronic displays
  • Standard with very low current when measuring the points
  • Acupuncture with direct current (galvanic current)
  • Switchover to therapy of the acupuncture meridians
  • Effective pulses with adjustable frequency from 1 to 100 Hz
  • Infinitely adjustable intensity until the "tingling" of the impulses can be felt
  • Powerful 9 V battery
  • Attractive design, bright plastic housing, fold-out feet
  • Storage in an attractive light wooden box


Simple operation - high performance!

We deliver the V1 completely
  • Qi-tronic self-treatment sensor
  • Qi-tronic electrode brass
  • Standard battery 9V block
  • Charger (230V)
  • Therapy Manual (in german only)
  • all in a practical light wooden box

The V1 is characterized by a particularly manageable and easy to learn operation. Since it was also developed for private use, we deliver it with a self-treatment sensor. In this sensor, the electrode and spring contact are combined (see picture). This makes it very possible to hold the sensor at the acupuncture point found and to switch the device to therapy with the other hand. And so that you can treat other people, an additional brass Qi-tronic electrode is included. The Qi-tronic V1 meets professional requirements. It is therefore also perfect for use in medical practices and doctors' practices.

Using the V1 is very easy.

Several treatments are required to treat a condition.

A therapy manual is included with the V1 (in german only). The book shows you the most important points about many diseases so that you can start right away.


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